My name is Ali. I come from Lebanon; which is in the Middle East. This is my first attempt to launch a website which is dedicated to the princess of pop, the one and only Miss Britney Spears. So with out any further delays, I would like to welcome you to the Freakshow of Britney Spears, where the Circus is in town 24/7.

I would like to welcome you to Britney-Circus.com

Britney-Circus.com is not affiliated with Britney Spears nor Jive at all. This is utterly a fan-site.

Webmaster: Ali
Updaters: Ali.
Launched: September 26th, 2008
Host: FansiteHost.Org

Thank you note: I would like to thank everyone that visit my website. My best friend, Bader, (who has an amazing website as well) for directing me on fulfilling my vision and finally none other than Britney herself for inspiring me daily with her awesomeness.

Contact us: HERE

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